Made in Japan! You wanna know "MOe" Japanese words? This is for you!!

    • More than 100 MOe words and descriptions! Let's learn a variety of MOeGO.
    • A vriety situation of MOe voices are in this dictionary, e.t. sweet voice, a bit sexy voice, etc.
    • Shake, touch or leave MOe-chan for a while, then...


    Sample Voice *Watch out! Sound comes out!


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    What's MOeGO?

    MOeGO represents language used by "Bishojo(beautiful young girl)" character in anime or game which makes fandom feel adorable or even makes them love deeply in modern Japan.

    MOeGO is communication language which is created by modern Japan culture and often used in Blog, Twitter and SNS(Social Network Service) because it is possible to express the subtleties of emotion and intuitively more.
    For instance, a cute, sweet and lovely unique expression, variety of moderate?expression, expressing emotins, etc.

    DISCLAIMER. All the descriptions and example sentences in this application is our own interpretation.

    How to Use MOeGO Dictionary